What Our Clients Say

"...thank you for the close attention given to the construction and diligence to details which insured the completion to our satisfaction."

James M. Mc Carthy, Fire Chief

City of Middleburg Heights, Ohio

"...reliability and professionalism is only exceeded by ... keen imagination and know-how in the architectural field"

Mayor Gary W. Starr

City of Middleburg Heights, Ohio

"...primary concern was perfection in the completion of the project... I really believe that you cannot go wrong in choosing Zarzycki-Malik Architects for any project you have in mind."

Reverend Raymond A Sutter, Pastor

St. Matthias the Apostle Church Parma, Ohio

"... has been our parish architect since 1984. ...did an excellent job... ...design is of high quality. I strongly recommend [Robert Zarzycki] for consideration as your parish architect."

Reverend David D. Liberatore, Pastor

The Community of St. John Bosco Parma Heights, Ohio

"...When I first met Mr. Zarzycki, I knew that I was dealing with a firm that could provide me with the service that you would expect from an architectural firm. They are not only friendly and professional, but know how to get the work done. The drawings and specifications that are produced by Zarzycki-Malik Architects are in great detail... field supervision has the knowledge of the project and can make a decision on the spot."

William Schulz, Partner

Charles Schulz Building Company Parma, Ohio

"...[Robert Zarzycki] has proved to strongly represent his clients interest.... Working with Zarzycki-Malik Architects ... can expect a challenging design, timely and often immediate response to questions and a firm that manages [construction]... effectively, fairly and with all parties in mind.... ... Under [Robert] Zarzycki's leadership any Owner could expect this Architecutral Firm to manage their project with integrity without sacrificing design or completion..."

Louis F Weber, President

John G. Johnson Construction Company Chagrin Falls, Ohio

"It has been our privilege to work with Zarzycki-Malik Architects... we have found this firm to be very thorough in their attention to detail and knowledgeable in construction practices. We have been involved with Zarzycki-Malik Architects both as a General Contractor and as a client. They possess a complete understanding of what it takes to design a project that is attractive, functional and economical. Also, any problem has been resolved in a timely manner without a construction delay or unnecessary expense. ... we would highly recommend Zarzycki-Malik Architects for any size project requiring complete Architectural/Engineering services..."

Tom O'Donnell, President

EnviroCom Construction, Inc. Beachwood, Ohio

"...Our working relationship was very comfortable and professional. Both Robert Zarzycki and James Malik participated actively and helped us through the various stages of planning and construction. We finished our construction on time and on budget, even though we made some changes along the way..."

Reverend David F. Fallon, Pastor

Parroguia La Sagrada Familia Cleveland, Ohio

"...we were very impressed with [Robert Zarzycki's] professionalism and his wide knowledge of schools. Further we were impressed with his 'track record' with other successful projects in the Diocese of Cleveland. ...I have been impressed with the attention to detail and his personal presence during the construction. I found him to be extremely helpful and also patient... through zoning appeals, bidding, and ... construction. ...I would recommend him for consideration and ... hiring as the architect for the building project..."

Reverend John E. Manning, Pastor

St. Vincent De Paul Church Cleveland, Ohio

"...I really enjoyed [Robert Zarzycki's] patient, understanding, and relaxed leadership style... always maintained a calm composure... It's been a pleasure knowing... and working with...[Robert Zarzycki]. Thanks again for all you've done..."

Fr. Steve Blum, Pastor

Saint Mary Church Vermillion, Ohio

"...this was one of the best decisions we made... [Zarzycki-Malik Architects] brought to this project the enthusiasm, vision and experience we felt we needed... [Robert Zarzycki] and [James Malik] never seemed to see this as a project, but rather as a process. Working well with and listening to committees and individuals is an integral part of this process. Never compromising their values, always seeking the highest quality, conscientious about watching expenditures, are qualities that are very evident in their work and their lives. We are very happy to recommend Zarzycki-Malik to anyone who might be in need of their services."

Reverend Joseph P. Labbe, Pastor

Church of the Holy Angels Chagrin Falls, Ohio

"... I have always found [Robert Zarzycki] good to work with... I find him very reasonable with finances and excellent with process. He has the ability to listen to people and mold their ideas so that people involved feel excited about the project... ...I was particularly impressed with the fact that he took our ideas and expanded them into other options that we had not thought about. I recommend him to work with [you]... Besides the above point, I think that his greatest attribute is that he stands for .... values... and is a .... man we have all enjoyed working with..."

Reverend Robert Kraig, Pastor

Church of St. John Neumann Strongsville, Ohio

"...I am very happy to recommend [Zarzycki-Malik Architects] for your church project. ...I have... been very satisfied with their competent, and also caring help. They have a good sense of 'Church' and what will be best to promote worship and community. I also found them to be 'present' when we needed them, not only through the completion of the project, but most importantly in the follow up of the 'punch list' and phone calls... [Robert Zarzycki] is also helping us with long range planning for future development...."

Fr. Robert Sanson, Pastor

Church of Saint Joseph Strongsville, Ohio

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