How We Do It

project approach...

One of our two principals
remains your primary contact throughtout the duration of the project, and is in attendance meetings with the Owner as necessary to develop program and design parameters and establish the budget.

As direction is established
the principal and staff, continue to work closely with Planning Committees to develop design concepts. Office design philosophy directs efforts to unveil client uniqueness and develop a concept reflective of that specialness. Sketches are prepared illustrating alternatives and design options until final design concept is firmly established, at which point preliminary plans and elevations are refined and renderings prepared. Consideration will have been given to preliminary structural, mechanical, and electrical systesms and preliminary budget established.

Based on approved preliminary plans
construction documents are then prepared and coordinated integrating all engineering disciplines. Documents are subsequently released for bids and assistance rendered in bid evaluation and preparation of contracts.

As contract is awarded
and construction commences, the office maintains adequate presence at the site to assure work is being completed in compliance with construction documents. In addition to regularly scheduled weekly meetings, spontaneous inspections are conducted, and presence at all major construction procedures provided.

we remain intimately involved in project completion until the last "Punch List" item is completed and any deficiencies under guarantee provisions corrected.

Robert F. Zarzycki


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